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Many times I like nothing, doing nothing or trying not to find a reason to do something. Just enjoying some time inside my “nothing box“.


As a bonus track about the “nothing box”, one of my favorites places in life, check out this amazing video about the differences between men´s and women´s brains. ENJOY!!


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That ’70 Show, ranked in the 4th place in my top 5 all time TV sitcom ranking.

Red Foreman (Reginald Albert Foreman), an extremely conservative war veteran, is grumpiness incarnated. During working hours he’s a boss from hell, at home never content and always bickering with his extremely sociable wife Kitty and kids.

Red thinks that men shouldn’t hug other men. Check out this masterpiece episode when this couple moved into his neighborhood.

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Stuck in a moment

Beautiful acoustic performance by Bono and The Edge live at Late Show with David Letterman. BTW, a couple of weeks ago U2 dedicated this song to Amy Winehouse at one of their last shows in Minneapolis.
Simply brilliant. Enjoy!!

Many tks to @luigipalooza

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Gran serie de AMC TV que me tiene atrapado. Mr. White, un profesor de química de una secundaria de alguna ciudad media hillbilly le detectan cancer y comienza a cocinar crystal meth con uno de sus ex alumnos. Su cuñado, un poli súper cheap de la DEA. La segunda temporada cada vez mejor y mejor.

Como bonus track de Breaking Bad, un narco corrido de “Los Cuates de Sinaloa”

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