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I´m subscribed to dozens of newsletters. Sometimes is difficult to read them all so for the most of them final destination is my trashcan. Last week, I received one from from Ad Age that kept my attention. The headline was “McDonald’s Not So “Sunshine” About Behind-the-Scenes Film From China Shoot”. The short film “Sunshine” is an indiscrete eye following American producer John Benet as he shoots a TV spot for TBWA on a McDonald’s campaign in China. The short is depressing and frustrating but at the same time is beautiful. From the meetings during the creative discussions to the casting process where some of the actors were not “sunshine” enough for the client.

But for me, two were the things that I enjoyed the most. The first one was about the contrast between the “old China” or putting it in a different but more straightforward way, how the occidental world and how modernity is corrupting chinese culture. In Benet’s own words he wonders aloud if advertising is corrupting Chinese culture.

The second one was about what he described as the culture of “sameness” where everything is starting to fell the same no matter were you go. “When we travel we want to experience something different. It just feels the same,” Mr. Benet says during shots of commercial areas in Shanghai. “It’s my job to sell that sameness.”

I hope you enjoy the short as I did. Below you will find a link to watch the movie.

Sunshine from American Buffalo on Vimeo.

Via Ad Age. Click here for full article


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Holographic Bank Notes

Back in September 2011 I published this entry about an holographic mexican bank note were the main character was Benito Juarez (courtesy of my English sensei Miss Rubichuk). Today, I´m sharing two others from China and the US.

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One of the biggest problems when you flight long lengs back in coach and you are seated in the middle or aisle…
This guy seemed to find a pretty good solution using his belt to tie his head to the seat.This, plus a sleeping pil, could rock your flight.

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Holographic Benito Juarez

Today, my English sensei Miss Rubichuk shared with me this picture. Miss Rubichuk, born and raised in Polland, told me she downloaded this picture from a Polish website and not from one here in Mexico. The thing is that you could do this trick with half of the population and you’ll obtain the same result. Enjoy this holographic 20 pesos note.

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This guy loves to stick his head out of the window…
The Cocker Spaniel is the only certified bread up to 120 kms per hour.

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Hoy salimos a turistear. Pasé a buscar a la Pepi Singer y nos fuimos a desayunar al tianguis del Parque de Polanco. Hace varios años los sábados por la mañana era el desayuno obligatorio con el Arq. Bernasconi.
La Pepi se tomo una Coca helada y yo me clavé 2 tacloyos (1 de requesón y el otro de frijol), dos de pastor y el golpe de gracia me lo di con uno de maciza completo. A continuación unas pics que muestran el paisaje y un video que refleja el ambiente

Ya con la panza llena y el corazón contento, arrancamos para el lado del lago de Chapultepec pero a mitad de camino nos dimos cuenta que en la Avenida Reforma estaba el desfile por el festejo del día de la revolución. Por lo tanto, nos fuimos a la oficina, dejamos el auto, nos hagarramos unas cocas y nos montamos en la bicicleta. Reforma estaba cerrado para los autos y pedaleamos hasta practicamente el Zócalo capitalino. Nos tocó de la mano contraria el desfile de los soldados, los batallones montados, los charros y los tanques militares.

El Ángel y la Ángel

Finalmente, volvimos a buscar a buscar el auto pero en el camino nos topamos con los voladores de Papantla y con un pseudo escocés local que estaba tocando la gaita en el medio del bosque.

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